24/7 Wolverhampton Concrete Delivery

April 10, 2018by Ben JonesNews

Ridge Concrete is a professional supplier of volumetric concrete solutions. Based in Wolverhampton, we’re able to deliver within a 20-mile radius outside of the city centre. Offering the practicality of 24/7 Wolverhampton concrete delivery options and only superior, virgin material, we’re able to get your project finished on-time and to the highest standard.

Ridge Concrete offers 24/7 Wolverhampton concrete deliveries
Thanks to our ultra-modern fleet, we can offer 24/7 Wolverhampton concrete delivery.

 As a Wolverhampton-based business, we know the city like the back our hands. Our team know the landmarks, streets and those sharp corners better than anyone. We pride ourselves on offering a 24/7 service that you can rely on. With 24/7 Wolverhampton concrete delivery, you can progress with your project when you need to, without needless delays.


At Ridge, we always offer…

  1. Superior, virgin material. Don’t pay for a 2nd or 3rd rate product; you want your build to last and to look just right. Ridge’s mixes are pure and of the highest-quality possible.
  2. Superior customer service. Whether you’re a construction/building professional or a DIYer, there are times when you need support and advice in making the right choices. The Ridge team will always strive to make selecting the right concrete mix, volume and additives as simple as possible.
  3. Superior pricing. Have you ever phoned a series of concrete companies for a quote only to be given wildly differing prices? We strive to offer the most cost-effective solution in relation to specific mix you require… No hidden fees, no hidden agendas. Why not use our onsite quote calculator today?

We take your project’s completion as seriously as you do.

Call our friendly team on 01902 310900 or email us at sales@ridgeconcrete.co.uk for advice and support.

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Ridge Concrete delivers fast and quality solutions to our clients. We offer a 24-hour delivery service across the West Midlands.

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