Concrete Additives

Ridge Concrete can introduce additional chemicals and materials into your mix if special characteristics are needed.

The Concrete additives we offer can be added to your concrete mixture in small quantities to help manage and or change the behaviour of the concrete. Our concrete additives can be used to increase durability, control; how the concrete sets, how the concrete hardens and more. We offer deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Retardants – These slow down the curing process, leaving you with more time to work
  • Fibres – These increase a concrete’s strength and helps to prevent cracking
  • Plasticisers – These render your mix more free-flowing and workable; ideal for quick laying
  • Accelerants – These speed up the curing process
single float smoothing concrete


Ridge Concrete delivers fast and quality solutions to our clients. We offer a 24-hour delivery service across the West Midlands.

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