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Ridge Concrete supply fast, fresh concrete solutions direct to your door and we have a wide range of specialist mixes to cater for domestic and commercial projects across the West Midlands.

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Concrete consists of the same core ingredients; cement, water and aggregate, usually in the form of sand, gravel and stone. The difference between each mix is the ratio between the ingredients, and specialist concrete mixes have further additives to increase their strength or improve their properties. Fibres are used to add strength, plasticisers to improve fluidity, corrosion inhibitors to reduce rebar corrosion, retarding agents to reduce setting speed and accelerators to increase setting speed.

If you need any advice or support regarding selecting the best concrete product to suit your project, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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Ridge Concrete delivers fast and quality concrete solutions to our clients, using only virgin aggregates. We offer a 24-hour delivery service across the West Midlands.

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