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Ridge Concrete cater for domestic projects of any size right across the Midlands. Our experienced team are on hand to advise you on the best concrete solution for your project, according to your needs and your budget, and we offer a 24/7 delivery service to suit your timescale.

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Don’t know your PAV 1’s from your C30’s? Don’t worry the experts at Ridge Concrete will advise you on which strength is best suited to your project. Here is a generic list of concrete products that we offer our domestic clients.

Ridge concrete’s domestic concrete is perfect for all sized DIY jobs, whether you’re looking to pave the garden or create decorative pieces. The concrete experts at Ridge concrete can advise you on the best concrete for your needs to allowing you to work safely and securely will the knowledge that the concrete is high quality. We offer deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Decorative Concrete
Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete combines ultimate strength with unparalleled style and is gaining popularity with interior designers and architects alike. The versatile nature of this material and its durability provide endless possibilities for both indoor and outdoor use, from decorative paving to polished floors. Ridge Concrete offer superior quality Decorative Concrete in a wide range of colours and finishes, to create a unique effect in domestic and commercial projects across the Midlands.

  • Fibre Concrete
Fibre Concrete

Ridge Concrete offer this fibre reinforced concrete for use in structural builds and hard standings that bear heavy loads/traffic. Fibre Concrete is unique in that small fibres are dispersed throughout the concrete mix to create a mesh like structure. This structure provides the concrete mix with increased durability and strength that can benefit domestic and commercial build projects alike.

  • Foamed Concrete
Foamed Concrete

Foamed Concrete is aerated to provide a lightweight, lower density material which boasts thermal properties. The aeration process produces a honeycomb structure which is self-compacting and incredibly durable, making it ideal for use in foundations and trenches. Ridge Concrete can tailor your Foamed Concrete mix to suit your specific needs with the addition of fibres to increase the strength, accelerators to decrease the setting time, pigments to alter the colour and much more.

  • Rapid Set Concrete
Rapid Set Concrete

This specialist quick-setting concrete is perfect when you need to carry out construction work or rapid repairs, and Ridge Concrete can deliver orders of any size 24 hours a day. Rapid Set Concrete has a wide range of uses, from fencing to construction, and its fast drying time enables work to be carried out right through the winter.

  • Ready Mix Concrete
Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is ideal for large projects and tight deadlines, making it one of our more popular mixes. Ridge Concrete can deliver up to 100 tonnes of our hard wearing ready mix concrete to both domestic and commercial clients.

  • Roll Compacted Concrete
Roll Compacted Concrete

Frequently used in path, pavement and drive way construction, this versatile concrete is incredibly easy to work with as it requires no finishing. Ridge Concrete deliver up to 100 tonnes of roll compacted concrete direct to your door, and the resulting durable surface can withstand traffic within a few short hours.

  • Self Compacting Concrete
Self Compacting Concrete

This super strong concrete is unique in that it requires no mechanical compaction, thereby significantly reducing the work time on construction projects. Perfect for foundations, floors and walls due to it’s self-levelling and self-compacting properties, this mix is one of the fastest and least labour intensive solutions to install, making it a popular choice for projects requiring a rapid turnaround.

  • Volumetric Mixed Concrete
Volumetric Mixed Concrete

Volumetric Concrete is the perfect way to deliver concrete solutions for domestic and commercial projects of any size. Ridge Concrete mix your concrete on site to meet the exact quantities you require, and you only pay for what you use, helping you to better manage your budgets and minimise waste.

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Delivering on time and on budget

At Ridge Concrete we pride ourselves on providing fast, fresh concrete solutions direct to your door. We offer unrivalled customer service and 24 hour delivery slots to help you to complete your project on your time scale.


Ridge Concrete delivers fast and quality solutions to our clients. We offer a 24-hour delivery service across the West Midlands.

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